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Kristen Mason Coreas

9 Questions To Help You Tell If A Neighborhood Is Right For You


  1. What’s the crime rate? Find out if it has had crime and exactly what that entails. Have there been murders, break-ins, car thefts, etc.? I can look into this for you.
  2. How are the schools? If you have kids, you of course want a good school system. Even if you don’t, a good school district boosts your home’s resale value. Let me give you this information.
  3. What do your neighbors do in their free time? If your next door neighbor throws loud and late parties and you tend to go bed early and lead a quiet life, the house may not be a good fit for you. Look for neighbors who live a similar lifestyle to yours to prevent conflict.
  4. How is the noise and traffic? Visit the neighborhood at various times of the day and night. That way you can see if your street gets cut-through traffic at rush hour or if you can hear the local train at night.
  5. How’s the town doing? You want a community that’s financially stable. You can visually assess this by looking for streets and sidewalks in good condition. Public services like libraries are up and running and parks are clean. You don’t see signs of vandalism or abandoned homes.
  6. Is transportation accessible? If you commute into a city during the week or want to hit up a cosmopolitan restaurant, see if a train, bus or other mode of public transportation is nearby. Or, if you work locally, make sure the home is near the right highways or freeways you take to get to the office.
  7. Are goods and services easy to get to? If you want to be able to grab a cup of coffee and sip it as you stroll home, see if the neighborhood is walkable. Or, if you can’t, is a coffee shop in driving distance? Find out if a bank, drugstore, supermarket and other services you rely on are nearby.
  8. How far is the park? If you have children, visit the parks to investigate if they’re well-maintained. Look at recreation centers and proximity to walking, biking or jogging paths.
  9. Where is the medical care? No matter what stage of life you’re in, you want to be close to a hospital in case you need one. Also ensure your doctors are nearby or you can find new ones in the area.