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Kristen helped my husband and I find our first home and then we recently used her services to sell that home and purchase a new one. She was very professional and knowledgeable. She helped us identify the small changes we needed to make in our home before we listed it, and then she linked us to reputable contractors to do the work. Kristen even pitched in and did the staging and some of the dirty work to get the house ready to go on the market. Thanks to her, we got a full-price offer in only 7 days! The negotiation process was a tricky one, but Kristen helped us navigate that with ease and was able to anticipate the challenges. It was great to work with Kristen, and I highly recommend her and Homes by Mason!

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We had the pleasure of working with Kristen while she was the listing agent of the home we eventually purchased. While she was not our real estate agent, we were impressed with the effort she put into marketing the house down to even small details—which definitely played into our decision to purchase the house. One of her marketing efforts for the house was placing small notes around the property calling attention to subtle improvements, indicating possible conveyances, or offering specific details about a certain feature of the house (like noting that the furnace was recently replaced), and other pertinent information that was helpful information to us as buyers while we toured the house. We were also impressed with the information sheet she put together on the home’s improvements that listed what was done and when—which helped to showcase how much effort and expense had been put into improving the home. Additionally, she produced very professional marketing “glossy” materials that we used to show off the home we wanted to purchase to our friends and relatives. As a resident of the community of the home we purchased, she was able to plug us in with several other parents with children in the local public school system and other neighbors who provided their feedback about schools, churches, and service providers in the area. It was very helpful to us as we learned about all of the great features of the community we would be joining.

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Kristen did a masterful job. She did an amazing job tracking down comps to show the value and she even met with the appraiser and walked him through the process for valuation. She did a walk through with me to assess what needed attention for readiness and I had a contract in 10 days. Not all of them are this easy I am sure but the right price and the right presentation it only takes one buyer.

THANK YOU Kristen!!!

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Not only does Kristen work hard for her clients, but she’s very responsive and makes her clients a priority. She has excellent communication skills and knows the market. She is great at achieving her client’s goals, which is why I would recommend her for your real-estate needs.

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When my husband and I moved in from out-of-state, Kristen helped us find a great apartment in a very short length of time, i.e. one afternoon. She was always friendly and professional, and knew a lot of ‘insider’ information about local neighborhoods. We will definitely go back to her for any future rentals or purchases. High recommended!

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Kristen helped us find a home during a very challenging time for her – she was 8 and 9 months pregnant! Even though she was ready to deliver her baby, she delivered for us. She was available, knowledgable and attentive to our needs. As a military family we move a lot and I can say that she is truly one of the best.

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This was our first time buying a home and we couldn’t have asked for a better realtor. Kristen really took the time to show us a variety of houses in interesting areas, really matching our preferences with creative options. We ended up with a totally different kind of house in a totally different area as we researched on our own and just decided to drop by another open house on a whim. Kristen rolled with the punches, asked us good questions to ensure this was what we wanted, and showed great patience as our perfectionist natures came out during the home inspection process. More than a year on, we look back very fondly on the whole home buying process, on Kristen’s ability to negotiate and close the deal on a short timeline and outmaneuver the other buyers without increasing the purhcase price (understanding the leverage our good credit provided), and her outstanding personality and attitude. She’s extremely responsive, entrepreneurial, intelligent, kind, and just all around absolutely the person we’ll work with should we buy or sell again in the area.

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We first became aware of Kristen when she helped with the selling of our neighbor’s house…she is very friendly, professional and competent..She took the time to explain the selling process with us and was always willing to answer our questions again and again if necessary until we were confident in what we were doing…she held many open houses and had outstanding turnouts for each one..she was very understanding of the timeline we had and was very emphathetic with us both as pertaining to the emotional side of selling a well loved home after almost 40 years living there..the house sold for the full listing price and in a timely fashion…We would highly recommend her to any of our friends who were either selling or buying a home.

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Extensive knowledge, prompt to answer questions and return calls, very professional

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We actually met Kristen about a year before she helped us buy our current home, and she remembered us. Her best attribute was that she was very honest with us about the homes available in the neighborhoods we wanted to live in, about whether they would fit us and our kids right away or need some work. She put the reality in our dreams which was refreshing. We wanted to do a lot of leg work ourselves and Kristen always looked at what we found and possible initial offers and provided good advice and recommendations. Ultimately, she helped us get our true dream home at a great price and her professionalism closed the deal.

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Working with Kristen Mason Coreas was a great experience. She showed me homes that fit my budget and my design, and I appreciated the fact that she didn’t waste my time by showing me homes that I wouldn’t be interested in. She was extremely responsive, and helped walk me through my first home-buying experience with ease. I found a great condo that I am very happy in today!

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Kristen was able to help me find and buy a condo in a specific area in a very short period of time. I had a small window in which I needed to get this done and she made it happen.

She was very helpful in getting out to see a variety of places and was extremely knowledgeable about the entire process. She had great advice on how to handle different issues leading up to closing and I was able to rest easy knowing that she had everything covered.

She even managed to save me money when I wanted to over bid in order to get it over with. When I told her to up the offer she opted to check in with the seller first to feel them out prior to relaying my new offer. They then told her that they would be going with my original offer, saving me a lot of money in the process.

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We worked with Kristen to sell our condo. She far exceeded our expectations in all areas. She gave us guidance and helped us to put in the hard work needed to sell our house for $15,000 above the price others recommended. She recommended high-impact pre-market updates to help us sell for top dollar, and helped us with staging to ensure we were putting our best foot forward. It was a lot of work from everyone involved — including Kristen — but it paid off. We had one offer before we were on the market, and within two days on the market, two more — including one for list price with no closing costs. She said she would sell our condo the weekend we went on the market, and she delivered.

Kristen expertly guided us through the sale process, and even coordinated with the realtor for our new house to ensure there were no major bumps in the road. She was there for the appraisal to ensure the appraiser saw all of the comps, which in our case included similar units to ours mislabeled as having two bedrooms. When we were having trouble with a home warranty claim, she stepped in, called the company, and resolved the problem.

We were so glad we chose Kristen, and would absolutely recommend her to others.

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Kristen & her partner Jeremy are exactly what we were looking for in a Realtor. We interviewed several agents to help us find our first home and knew that they were it after speaking with them. We were immediately impressed with their knowledge of the market and appreciated the time they took during our initial conversation to explain the process. Throughout the entire process both Kristen & Jeremy communicated with us on a regular basis and were always available to answer questions, which apparently isn’t always the case from what we’ve heard. Anytime there was a property we wanted to see, they made sure we were able to see it as soon as possible and worked around our schedules. Once we made an offer, they were extremely involved and kept us up to date on everything going on. Best of all, they helped us find a home that we love! We loved working with them and absolutely recommend them to everyone looking for a Realtor!

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Kristen is a great agent for first-time buyers, as we were. She listened to our needs, was very responsive. She took the time to understand our family and help us figure out what would work for us. Kristen was able to show us some new areas that we hadn’t known about that opened some new options to us. Most importantly, Kristen really helped us to navigate a tight market. She had us in to see the house that we eventually bought within hours of listing because she recognized it was the right fit for us. We know for certain that without a great agent we would not have gotten our house.

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Kristen was above and beyond the best decision we could have made when selling our home. Her knowledge and expertise throughout the process made the difference in how quickly and for how much we sold our home. From the moment we were thinking of selling our home, she walked us through what to expect, as well as gave us tips of what we needed to do to make our home “show.” She stopped by the house repeatedly to check on our progress and even went shopping for us to help us decorate. She was always available to answer our questions and made us feel comfortable knowing that she would help us. She simply rocked!

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Kristen sold our Alexandria, VA condo for an exceptional price — well above the comps in the same building — and we had an offer within 6 days! When the first buyer backed out, Kristen got on the phone and got 2 more offers within the hour and spared us a roller coaster ride. She is SUPER responsive, even on weekends and late at night. We highly, highly recommend.

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We found Kristen very professional. She guided us very patiently through all the steps needed to prepare our home for sale. She is up to speed on what buyers are looking for in a home in order to sell it. She has a very pleasing personality and negotiates well with people. We would highly recommend her to others that want to sell their homes.


We liked working with Kristen because she is honest, pays attention to details, and always had time to take us out to houses and answer our questions. She tells you her honest opinion of the house, whether it is a good find or a bit of a miss. She will take you through every part of the house and spot areas that might need the attention of a professional, or just a quick touch up. She will take you out to see a house that you like the same day, and take you out to more good picks she has found. If you’re moving and keeping your old place, she will even help you rent the old place while finding the new one. She was our lifesaver through the loan and closing process, we were under some tight deadlines but Kristen got us through! We are very happy to have worked with Kristen and HIGHLY recommend her!

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We chose to work with Kristen because of her expertise in the West End neighborhood and we were not disappointed. She understood our needs in selling (small children, moving quickly in the Fall season, etc.), and made the entire process a pleasure. She was very helpful to us when it came to staging — both in helping us connect with affordable contractors to spruce up the house, as well as providing us with a beautiful and professional staged looking home even with little kids!! She was aggressive with our open houses and follow-up and helped make our showings superb. She was really great in helping us negotiate contracts and to get to the finish line — by connecting us to solid partners in financing and closing. She was always available via text or phone — I can’t remember a time that I waited more than 1 hour for a return call or text. Great responsiveness that made us felt like we were her highest priority (even when we know she had plenty of other clients).

She also helped us find a home that fit our needs — she went out with us countless times and was an amazing guide for us as we looked at houses — showing us how to really ‘look’ at houses and look beyond the staging and pretty. She helped us advocate for our needs in closing — and also helped us see the bigger picture when we needed a boost.

I highly recommend Kristen without any reservations — a consummate professional who takes the time to get to know her clients and help them reach their buying/selling goals. We started our process in May and we closed on our sale and purchase in November — amazing turnaround due to her perseverance, persistence and partnership with us!

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Both of my parents are in real estate, and I have bought and sold multiple houses in the past…so I am not a novice – but I recently wanted to sell a rental home in Alexandria, VA; a house that I had previously tried to sell on multiple occasions with other realtors. While doing market research and visiting a neighborhood “open house,” I met Kristen Mason Coreas. And I am so glad that I did. She was courteous, professional and knowledgeable. She knew the neighborhood, knew the sales trends and had a sales strategy for selling homes – even when entering the winter holidays, a less desirable time of the year. I left the open house knowing that I found my new realtor.

When the time came to place my rental home on the market, Kristen was there to give suggestions on sprucing up the house so that it showed well. She helped stage it, arranged for a professional photographer and chose a ton of great photos that went online immediately. All of her hard work paid off because I received three offers and went under contract for my asking price!

I would absolutely recommend Kristen to anyone who is looking to buy OR sell real estate. She is thorough, detail-oriented, readily accessible, and very skilled at what she does. Any question that I ever had, she knew the answer to or was already three steps ahead and was working the issue. I am not easy to please, yet I was fully impressed with her performance. Kristen Mason Coreas will not disappoint you!

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My husband and I feel very lucky that we happened to find Kristen to help usher us through our first home buying experience. Not only was she extremely proactive, knowledgeable and helpful as our real state agent, but she was able to personalize the experience to meet our needs. She really took the time to get to know us as a couple and understand our needs/wants, and patiently acted as a guide and trustworthy friend in helping us make the decision to buy our home (and ask the right questions along the way….). Thank you Kristen (and team!).

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Kristen came recommended through a friend when my wife and I started the search for a single home and started thinking about selling our condo. Kristen was very patient with us and always willing to meet and talk with us last minute and at any time of the day and night. We found that extremely helpful being accessible to her during the chaos of both buying our house and selling our condo. We appreciated her honesty and wealth of knowledge regarding home ownership and every step in the process. She works very hard to get the best deal for her clients and she met far and beyond our expectations. We would highly recommend her for your next buy or sell.

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We chose Kristen to list our condo and to buy a new larger home. We needed to sell our condo in order to afford the new home. She walked us through all of the contract terms we needed to accomplish this goal.

It took quite some time for our condo to sell, but once we had a good offer we were able to move quickly on making an offer on a new home that we liked.

Overall, I would highly recommend Kristen to anyone looking to buy and/or sell in Alexandria.

5 EllSe

Highly Recommend. Very hard working and experienced realtor. She did not disappoint.

I used her services for both a rental and a sale listing. With Kristen’s guidance and expertise in home staging, my property showed really well. She even let us use some on her furniture and household items to make the property shine. Kristen and her team went the extra mile in a competitive market with lots of other houses for sale & rental.

In the end, we ended up going with a rental. She helped me find a qualified/solid tenant for my condo. Would I use her services again? YES.

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Kristen was responsive, professional, insightful, helpful, thoughtful, fun, easy-going, and an all-around pleasure to work with. She was able to show us good options in Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax, and helped us understand the advantages of each. We went through the negotiation process twice during our search, and her knowledge and experience was very reassuring during what can easily become a nerve racking process. The end result: yesterday we closed on a home that is more perfect than we’d dared to hope for! Highly recommended.

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After interviewing multiple agents, we decided to list our home with Kristen. Her knowledge of the process of selling a home was invaluable. She understood where to focus our efforts in order to get multiple offers quickly, and she was able to ensure that we got to closing. Her skills in both phases of the selling process are excellent. Initially Kristen provides expertise in marketing and staging of the home. She understands what clients are looking for, and how to best show your property. She has a clear and thoughtful process that systematically takes you through the steps of listing your home. I was especially impressed with her effort during the open house. She and another agent were at our home on both Saturday and Sunday of the open house weekend. Once we received bids for our home, she was extremely skilled in getting the deal to closing. She knew where the pitfalls could occur, and she was prepared for them. When we received offers that were over asking price, she focused her efforts on the appraisal process by making sure that all possible supporting information was provided to the appraiser. During the time that we worked with Kristen, she clearly communicated what was occurring without being overbearing. Selling a home is a team effort, and Kristen is skilled at communicating expectations to the entire team. Her knowledgeable and methodical process makes her unique among real estate agents. I highly recommend Kristen.

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We would recommend Kristen without reservation. She is an excellent agent and very friendly. She helped us selling our condo and buying a single home. Kristen was always there to walk us through the complex process of simultaneously buying and selling. She is very knowledgeable about the regional housing market and very resourceful. Please feel free to contact us, should you have any question. Kristen has our contact detail.

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After interviewing multiple agents, we decided to list our home with Kristen. Her knowledge of the process of selling a home was invaluable. She understood where to focus our efforts in order to get multiple offers quickly, and she was able to ensure that we got to closing. Her skills in both phases of the selling process are excellent. Initially Kristen provides expertise in marketing and staging of the home. She understands what clients are looking for, and how to best show your property. She has a clear and thoughtful process that systematically takes you through the steps of listing your home. I was especially impressed with her effort during the open house. She and another agent were at our home on both Saturday and Sunday of the open house weekend. Once we received bids for our home, she was extremely skilled in getting the deal to closing. She knew where the pitfalls could occur, and she was prepared for them. When we received offers that were over asking price, she focused her efforts on the appraisal process by making sure that all possible supporting information was provided to the appraiser. During the time that we worked with Kristen, she clearly communicated what was occurring without being overbearing. Selling a home is a team effort, and Kristen is skilled at communicating expectations to the entire team. Her knowledgeable and methodical process makes her unique among real estate agents. I highly recommend Kristen.

5 user01816089

In less than 2 weeks from meeting Kristen and searching for homes, I had a ratified contract with everything I had asked for…for a home that I couldn’t be happier with. Kristen and her team made the process extremely easy and quick. She promptly answered ALL of my questions, connected me with the right (and honest) experts, and made what could have been a terrifying experience, completely delightful. I absolutely recommend Kristen to ANYONE looking to buy or sell a home. She goes above and way beyond for her clients. I’m proud to now be a part of her family for life!

5 benjamin elliott

Our house needed a large amount of work to get it show ready, and Kristen did a really great job coaching us and managing a large portion of it. She identified a contractor and managed their work for us while we were traveling, and helped us do a lot of improvements without spending a ton of money. She also helped us price the house right and get an offer in under a week. Great job, would use her again.

5 user25748188

Kristen is the best realtor in Northern Virginia! She helped us find and buy our first house a few years ago and then helped us sell that house and buy a new one recently. First of all, she is incredibly responsive. I would rate her 6 stars on responsiveness if that were an option. She was always available to answer questions or provide advise, but she was also incredibly proactive, anticipating our needs and saving us time and money. In selling our house we faced the inevitable snags and surprises, but Kristen took care of everything. She even helped the buyers solve an issue with their lender! She also helped our friends and neighbors with various issues! She is also an expert in the area and the process. She knows all of the local players and makes great recommendations. She found us painters, carpeters, and landscapers that did great work for a great price in a very short period of time. She knew what we wanted in a new house and showed us a range of great options… That led to a house that is perfect for us. Kristen is a staging master. She made our old house look so good that we didn’t want to leave it! All of our friends that saw it were asking her for decorating advice. Kristen is also a great negotiator. She got us an excellent deal on both of our houses. In selling our house, she was able to get full price after only 7 days on the market! If you want a stress free process that leads to the best possible outcome, use Kristen Mason Coreas.

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Finding a Real Estate person that one is going to commit to giving a large portion of the gross return on a house sale is a difficult, daunting task. We had a 1960’s house on a small service road where there were two other houses identical to ours, constructed by the same builder. In addition, the other two houses had been recently sold and we observed what modifications the new owners had accomplished. My wife and I talked to several agents (including one we knew well) and were not happy when comments such as “the entire kitchen must be upgraded” were made when the makeup and needs of a future buyer(s) were unknown. So we looked at on-line reviews and talked to people we knew in the area that had recently sold houses and condominiums. Kristen came highly recommended so we talked to her and discussed what we wanted to do. We agreed with most items, questioned some minor items and disagreed on one item. After some discussion on the minor items such as upgrading the fixtures in the bathrooms we agreed to those items. The major disagreement was over the need to upgrade a basement area into a play area w/carpeting and painting over paneled walls. After much discussion based on our local area having excellent grade/middle/high school which are a major draw, we did the proposed upgrades. Kristen staged selected furniture inside the house and then put the house on the market. The marketing brochures were well laid out, excellent photography, w/a map providing distances from the house to various important locations. The house sold in less than a week with proposed buyers stating that the move-in condition and upgraded basement were major factors in their selection. While selling a house in a week could be considered lucky, it must be recognized that ALL of the necessary preparation had been done to make the house attractive, priced correctly and appealing to a potential buyer. In summary, highly recommend Kristen if you are searching for a Real Estate Professional in the Northern Virginia area.

5 baggiobaerman

If I would have to sell another house I wouldn’t hesitate at all in hiring Kristen to do the job. Though having lived in 3 different homes I never had to go through the normal house-selling process and so I was glad to have Kristen by my side as she was present with me literally every step of the way in the process of selling my mom’s house in only 30 days despite a flat and glutted-real estate market. She came up with a great plan to ‘modernize’ my mom’s house of 47 years and take it from the 1960’s to the 21’st century. She was able to help me line up contractors that got the job done beautifully and on time. In order to meet an optimal showing date Kristen was able to stage (quite wonderfully), get the house photographed, and listed online in 48 hours! She had at least 6 open-houses including an open-house for realtors. She had a great game plan to reach the local community including creating a beautiful brochure about the house and the local community. She was always available for questions and returned calls or emails in a very timely fashion. Her knowledge of the market was excellent as the final selling price was only about 1% or so less than her targeted price. If you are looking for a driven real estate agent, Kristen Mason Coreas should be your choice.

5 user073936

This was my 3rd time purchasing a home; and it was BY FAR the easiest. I thank Kristen for that! She knows what she’s doing, she is easy to get a hold of, and responds right away if she’s not there. I also loved her no-nonsense approach; unlike some other realtors I’ve worked with, she gives more direct answers and takes action quickly. This was my first time SELLING a home, and despite the intimidation factor involved, Kristen and her team made it easy! With her expertise my home was listed higher than I originally anticipated, and due in large part to her sales efforts, I received an offer within 3 days on the market, for listing price. The entire process has gone as smoothly as possible. I would highly recommend Kristen for your realtor needs!

5 rjtipa

Kristen is honest, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. She knows her business and gets things done. We were more than happy working with her. She went over every detail throughout the selling process. She also made sure we did the right things without going overboard in getting our house presented for sale.

5 nroberts19

Kristen has been an amazing realtor! This was my first time selling a home and the whole process terrified me. To add to my fears, I knew some updates would have to be done before the condo could go on the market and I was moving overseas in less than a month. Kristen came in, soothed my anxiety, helped me determine what updates should be made given my budget and time constraints, and then arranged for the contractors to come do the work. Once all the updates were complete, she did a remarkable job staging and marketing my little home. It sold within a week. Kristen was responsive, extremely helpful and straightforward throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an agent!

5 zuser20161109125257328

I highly recommend Kristen and her team. She told me to update some things in my house and even scheduled the workers for me. She had an open house for my neighbors and served wine and snacks and then they wrote in a notebook what they liked about the neighborhood. She said she would have an open house every Sunday until she sold my house and she did. She sent announcements to people that live in Fairlington promoting my house. She always responded quickly to my many texts and phone calls. She and her team staged my house beautifully. She promoted my closeness to Pinecrest Golf Course, the Pentagon, downtown and Old Town. In all, she did a great job! I have already recommended her.

5 korey.e.gross

This review is long overdue since we’ve been living in our new house for about six months now. Kristen pulls out all the stops when it comes to selling your home or getting you into a new home. She’s responsive, personable, extremely diligent, and hardworking. From staging through closing, we can’t give a strong enough recommendation to use her services.

5 zuser20161208053542132

We had an excellent experience working with Kristen and her team to sell our home. This was our first time selling a house, and we were looking to move out of state. We were impressed with the amount of time and energy Kristen and her team spent helping us prepare for our first open house. Within a week, we were under contract. During this process, we were also buying our new house halfway across the country. Kristen went above and beyond by coordinating with the realtors we were working with to purchase our next house. They praised her professionalism and expertise and with the help she provided, we were also able to buy our new home. We were nervous about simultaneously selling and buying a house and planning a long distance move, but with Kristen’s help, it was a far smoother process than we expected. We are so grateful to Kristen and her team for their guidance and for putting in the hard work to make this easy for us.

5 user1790882

Kristen helped me secure my first home well below asking price. She had smart features build into the contract, help me negotiate items from the home inspection and helped me close in just a few short weeks! The connections she suggested for home inspections, loans etc… were stellar. She was able to work around my busy schedule and I am thrilled to finally be home!

5 eppehry

Great experience! We are living out-of-state and Kristen sold our home in VA – she managed it all so it was a seamless process for us. Renters moved out 8/31, Kristen helped get some renovations quickly scheduled and completed. The house was staged and open by 9/14 and we were under contract by 9/19 – with four offers and a final sales price above list price! Kristen brought her opinions and advice to the table but also valued our perspective as we had been in the neighborhood for 10 years. Together, we were able to come up with an effective strategy for pricing, marketing, etc.

5 zuser20170315124911031

We worked with Kristen to both buy and sell our homes. Her team was great to work with and especially helpful in keeping us on track in the final days of closing. We relied on her heavily for her inside knowledge when looking in one of her neighborhoods, and she did a fantastic job setting up our own place to sell. She and her team put the work in, and the results show it! Highly recommended!

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